– Sun Microsystems is hosting a suite of RFID4U training courses in its one of its kind state of art RFID testing lab to help businesses unveil opportunities from this disruptive technology and take the next steps to harness the benefits of RFID technology. The courses available are Asset Tracking using RFID on April 17, 2007, RFID in Pharma on April 18, 2007 and CompTIA RFID+ boot camp on April 19-20, 2007.

These application oriented trainings and certification allow individuals to gain new skills quickly, enabling them to apply that knowledge in the workplace much more rapidly than before.
Training format offers lab-intensive, scenario-based sessions for experienced professionals in a learning environment built around scenarios and troubleshooting in hands-on labs and analysis of best practices.

Brian McGrane the RFID Business Development Manager for Sun’s APT/RFID Lab states that "We have seen increased market demand for environmental RFID tag testing and item level RFID testing. We are therefore offering specific vertical application workshops such as asset tracking and Pharma application workshops to meet this demand."

Sun's APT Lab for RFID and Sensors is the world's first to combine "industrial-strength" environmental stress testing with comprehensive interoperability and standards-compliance testing. Companies from around the world had used the earlier Dallas based Sun RFID Test Center to simulate thousands of RFID and sensor deployments to verify that multi-vendor solutions are interoperable and meet industry technical standards and mandates. Last year Sun had reorganized the RFID Test Center into its Colorado-based Sun APT lab to add the ability to test RFID and sensor solutions under adverse environmental conditions such as excessive heat and cold, shock, humidity, vibration, altitude and pressure.