The EU Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC) has agreed that frequencies for radio frequency identification (RFID) and short-range wireless items are to be harmonised across the continent.

As part of the decision, radio frequency bands used by devices such as baby monitors and microphones will be harmonised, meaning that any EU member state can manufacture products for an entire market.

This, in turn, could lead to lower production costs and encourage their use throughout Europe.

In addition, RFID technology is intended to be better facilitated across the continent. It has been widely spectulated that the RFID equipment and services sector could be worth up to €4 billion (£2.69 billion) in the next four years.

The committee's decision is also aimed at easing the incorporation of new technology which may enter the market.

Radio spectrum policy is a key issue maintained by the RSC, which held its 18th annual meeting in Brussels on December 4th and 5th.

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